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    Professional League Balls

    Our professional league balls category features balls made from the best possible material available in the market today. These balls come with a guarantee of up to two years to retain its shape under all kind of playing conditions. The cover, lamination, printing, bladder and stitching is of premium quality, these balls are hand stitched by experienced craftsmen.

    The balls featured in this category are made from finest rexine available in the market. There are several different techniques used for the lamination process, the balls are tested with an artificial kicking machine to ensure the balls remain in good condition after 10,000 kicks. All bladders inside these balls are of premium quality mostly made in Taiwan and are tested for air retention before installing in the balls.

    The balls in this category are made from following synthetic leather quality.

    • 1.7 mm thick PU double tone T-9740 Tianjin Cordley from Japan
    • 1.6 mm thick PU Shine T-9740 Tianjin Cordley from Japan
    • 1.6 mm thick Korean PU double tone
    • 1.6 mm thick Korean PU Shine
    • 1.6 mm thick Korean Tacno PU Matt