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    Your Imagination & Our Creation

    Our company has been in business for more than 20 years with an office in Atlanta, Georgia. We have made over millions of balls over the year for different clients, our customers are private label sellers, retailers, brands, soccer clubs, and businesses like Fortune 500 companies who buy them for promotional events. Manufacturing of balls is done in Pakistan and orders are imported into the United States. The delivery timeframe 
    We can make the balls in any design of your liking and have our designers present you with multiple options with digital images so you can select your desired design.

    Please note to prevent a violation of intellectual property rights we will require a letter from you on your company letterhead to permit us to produce the balls. We will review your request before finalizing the order to ensure there is no offensive language or copywritten design before confirming the order.

    Truth & Transparency About Soccer Balls

    We have been in the sports industry for over 20 years and have acquired lots of knowledge about soccer balls.  For the sake of simplicity, we have categorized balls as Advanced, Intermediate & Promotional. To further educate you following factors drive the pricing of different kinds of soccer balls. 

    • Type & thickness of synthetic leather for the cover of the ball
    • Weight of the ball
    • Printing quality PMS Pantone solid coated numbers provided by you to produce the exact match for desired colors
    • Bladder inside the ball (latex vs butyl)
    • Lamination material 
    • Number of stitches & thread used to stitch the balls
    • Panels - 32 Panels traditional balls, 18 Panels, 6 Panels
    • Designing & making plates for the design

    Pricing & Order Volume Discounts

    Our pricing model is based on order volume you can have several different quality balls in different sizes if you wish to have a total of 200 units. Also, we will use only one design approved by you on all the balls you order.

     Discounts based on order volume 

    Ordered Quantity (number of units) Discount percentage
    50-99 10% (10 percent)
    100-199 20% (20 percent)
    200-399 25% (25 percent)
    400-999 35% (35 percent)
    1000 or more 45% (45 percent)

    You can learn about the process for ordering custom soccer balls by clicking the link

    We Take Hassle Out For You 

    We will make your order overseas take care of complex import requirements and pay all import duties and taxes, our brokers clear the US customs and can arrange delivery to your doorstep. We can save you on shipping charges as we consolidate several orders in one shipment coming into the USA. Currently, we have 2 air shipments coming to Atlanta every month. For larger orders we have four countainers of 20 feet coming to Atlanta every 4 months. By consolidation, we can offer you cheaper shipping rates if you have a larger order and can wait up to 3 months for delivery.

    We also have negotiated rates with couriers like UPS, FedEx, and DHL in case you need rush deliveries. The normal delivery time for air shipment is between 5 to 7 weeks.

    How to Choose the Best Custom Soccer Balls for Your Team or Event

    We can design the balls in any color, size, bladder and imprint them with your logo.  just choose the quality of cover, linnings and bladder and we will make you imagination a reality.
    Soccer is one of the most popular and universal sports in the world, with millions of fans and players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you are a professional player, a coach, a club manager, or an event organizer, you know that having the right soccer balls can make a big difference in your marketing strategy, performance, training, and enjoyment of the game

    How To Order Custom Soccer Balls & VolleyBalls - Ordering Process

    • But how do you choose the best soccer balls for your specific needs and preferences?
    • And how do you make them stand out from the crowd with your custom design, logo, or message? guides you through the process of choosing and ordering the best custom soccer balls for your team or event. We will cover the following topics:

    • The types and sizes of soccer balls
    • The materials and quality of soccer balls
    • The design and printing options for custom soccer balls
    • The pricing and delivery options for custom soccer balls

    The Benefits of Custom Soccer Balls

    Custom soccer balls are not only functional but also fun and memorable. They can offer you many benefits, such as:

    • Enhancing your team spirit and identity
    • Promoting your brand, club, or event
    • Showing your appreciation and recognition to your players, coaches, sponsors, or customers
    • Creating a unique and personalized gift or souvenir
    • Adding a touch of creativity and style to your game or training

    Custom Soccer Ball Vibrant ColorsPromotional  Soccer BallCustom logo and Design March Soccer BallPromo Soccer Ball

    The Types and Sizes of Soccer Balls

    Soccer balls come in different types and sizes, depending on their intended use and age group. The most common types are:

    Match soccer balls: These are the official and highest quality balls that are used for professional and competitive games. They are approved by FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, and meet the strict standards of weight, size, shape, bounce, and durability. They are also the most expensive type of soccer ball.

    Training soccer balls: These are the standard and most popular balls that are used for practice and casual games. They are designed to withstand frequent use and harsh conditions and are more durable and affordable than match soccer balls. They are also suitable for all skill levels and age groups.

    Promotional soccer balls: These are the cheapest and simplest balls that are used for giveaways, gifts, or souvenirs. They are made of low-quality materials and have a basic design and printing. They are not meant for serious play or training, but rather for fun and decoration.

    Soccer balls also come in different sizes, ranging from size 1 to size 5. The size of the ball determines its weight, circumference, and air pressure. The most common sizes are:

    Size 1: This is the smallest and lightest ball, with a circumference of 18-20 inches and a weight of 7-9 ounces. It is also known as a mini or skills ball and is used for improving footwork, coordination, and ball control. It is suitable for children under 4 years old or as a novelty item.

    Size 3: This is a medium-sized ball, with a circumference of 23-24 inches and a weight of 11-12 ounces. It is also known as a junior or youth ball and is used for training and playing by children between 4 and 8 years old.

    Size 4: This is an intermediate-sized ball, with a circumference of 25-26 inches and a weight of 12-13 ounces. It is also known as a youth or women's ball and is used for training and playing by children between 8 and 12 years old, or by women and girls of all ages.

    Size 5: This is the largest and heaviest ball, with a circumference of 27-28 inches and a weight of 14-16 ounces. It is also known as a standard or adult ball and is used for training and playing by men and boys over 12 years old, or by professional and competitive players of all ages.

    The Materials and Quality of Soccer Balls

    Soccer balls are made of various materials, which affect their durability, performance, and feel. The main components of a soccer ball are:

    The cover: This is the outer layer of the ball, which is usually made of synthetic leather, such as PVC, PU, or TPU. Synthetic leather is more durable, water-resistant, and consistent than natural leather, and can also be dyed and printed in different colors and patterns. The quality of the cover depends on its thickness, texture, and stitching. Thicker covers are more resistant to abrasion and puncture, but also heavier and harder. Smoother covers are more aerodynamic and faster, but also less grippy and controllable. Stitched covers are more durable and retain their shape better, but also more prone to water absorption and damage.

    The bladder: This is the inner layer of the ball, which holds the air and gives the ball its shape and bounce. The bladder is usually made of rubber or latex and can be inflated or deflated with a valve. Rubber bladders are more durable and retain air better, but also less responsive and bouncy. Latex bladders are more elastic and bouncy, but also less durable and lose air faster.

    The lining: This is the intermediate layer of the ball, which is made of multiple layers of fabric or foam, and is glued or laminated to the cover and the bladder. The lining provides cushioning, stability, and structure to the ball, and affects its weight, balance, and feel. The quality of the lining depends on its thickness, density, and material. Thicker linings are more comfortable and protective, but also heavier and slower. Denser linings are more stable and consistent, but also harder and less flexible. Fabric linings are more durable and breathable, but also less smooth and uniform. Foam linings are more smooth and uniform, but also less durable and breathable.

    The Design and Printing Options for Custom Soccer Balls

    Custom soccer balls allow you to express your creativity and personality, by adding your design, logo, or message to the ball. You can choose from various design and printing options, such as:

    The color: You can choose the color of the cover, the bladder, the lining, the stitching, and the valve of the ball, from a wide range of options. You can also mix and match different colors, or use gradients, patterns, or effects to create a unique and eye-catching look.

    The shape: You can choose the shape of the panels of the ball, from the traditional and standard 32-panel hexagonal-pentagonal pattern to the modern and sleek 18-panel or 6-panel patterns, or even the innovative and futuristic 12-panel or 8-panel patterns. You can also choose the shape of the valve, from the round or oval to the star or diamond shapes.

    The logo: You can add your logo, emblem, crest, or symbol to the ball, to represent your team, club, brand, or event. You can use your existing logo, or create a new one with our talented designers. You can also choose the size, position, and orientation of the logo, and whether you want it to be printed on one or more panels or the entire ball.

    The text: You can add your text, slogan, motto, or message to the ball, to communicate your name, number, or idea. You can use any font, size, style, or color you want, and also add effects, such as shadows, outlines, or glows. You can also choose the location, alignment, and direction of the text, and whether you want it to be printed on one or more panels or the entire ball.

    The image: You can add your image, photo, or artwork to the ball, to showcase your face, product, or vision. You can use any image format, resolution, or quality you want, and also edit, crop, or enhance it with our advanced tools. You can also choose the placement, scale, and rotation of the image, and whether you want it to be printed on one or more panels or the entire ball.

    The Pricing and Delivery Options for Custom Soccer Balls

    Custom soccer balls are not only affordable but also convenient and fast. You can choose from various pricing and delivery options, such as:

    The quantity: You can order as many or as few custom soccer balls as you want, from a single ball to a bulk order of thousands of balls. You can also order different types, sizes, and designs of balls, and mix and match them as you wish. The more balls you order, the more discounts you get, and the lower the price per ball.

    The quality: You can choose the quality of the custom soccer balls, from the premium and official match balls to the standard and popular training balls, to the cheap and simple promotional balls. The higher the quality of the ball, the higher the price, but also the better the performance, durability, and feel.

    The printing: You can choose the printing method of the custom soccer balls, from digital and full-color printing to the screen and spot-color printing, to the heat-transfer and sublimation printing. The different printing methods have different advantages and disadvantages, in terms of cost, speed, accuracy, and durability. The more complex and detailed the design, the more expensive and time-consuming the printing, but also the more impressive and attractive the result.

    The shipping: You can choose the shipping mode of the custom soccer balls, from the air and express shipping to the sea and economy shipping, to the land and local shipping. The different shipping modes have different costs

    Kindly note that the minimum order for customized balls is at least 50 units. There are tier discounts based on the order volume. If you are interested in buying balls in smaller quantities from our stock then you may do so by visiting our branded balls.

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