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    For budding young athletes, having the right gear can ignite a passion for sports. In the world of field hockey, getting started with the right equipment is key. Our meticulously curated Kid's Field Hockey Sets cater to the youngest players, offering a perfect blend of quality, safety, and excitement. Let's explore our top picks designed to inspire the next generation of field hockey enthusiasts. Learn more about Kids Field Hockey Sets...

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    Field Hockey Set Symphony Wooden Stick Shin Guards Hockey Ball Carrying Bag Kids Junior, Available Sticks Sizes In Length 30’’, 32'' Inch & 34'' Inch

    $64.80 $82.00
    Beginner Field Hockey Set for young kids. Includes premium wooden stick shin guards and white ball.Introducing our Symphony Field Hockey Set, meticulously crafted for young enthusiasts ready to delve into the field hockey realm. This set includes a durable Symphony wooden stick, robust shin guards, a comfortable mouth guard, a high-quality hockey ball, and a convenient carrying bag. Available in multiple stick sizes: 30'', 32'' & 34'' inches, catering to various age groups and heights.

    Kids Field Hockey Sets

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